The Rally For Cannabis Reform takes place every single day in the United States of America as long as the cannabis plant is illegal.  It takes place when folks like you take a stand with your voice against the unjust cannabis laws that are currently in place in our country.

If you have friends, talk about it with them.  And not just the ones who already agree with you, although they are important too!  If you have beliefs, don’t be afraid to live them as if they were acceptable and true.  If you are unemployed, don’t be afraid to only accept employment opportunities that don’t drug test.  You’ll be surprised who you meet, what you learn and the job that comes your way!

While the Rally for Cannabis Reform started as a single event, it has grown with the entire cannabis movement itself.  We are actively working on ideas and approaches to pursue our goals in new, creative ways and rouse the laziest of folks to join our efforts.  All it takes is you.  So if you have an idea, we want to hear about it and put it into action!

Email us, rallyforcannabisreform@gmail.com

See ya there!


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