C:LEAR and Project420

Hello everyone!

Most people who frequent the internet have become at least passingly familiar with a teency little website called reddit. A few months ago a subreddit “branched” off from /r/trees and has grown explosively to over 1,800 subscribers, with one purpose – Reducing the harms of prohibition through public education and peaceful protest.

They call themselves The C:LEAR Agenda:

  • Cannabis
  • Legalization
  • Education
  • Acceptance
  • Reform

Their first effort is called Project420 and it’s goal is to develop well organized, entirely peaceful protests against the prohibition of cannabis in as many cities as possible on Friday April 20th 2012.

So far, Project420 has volunteers organizing events in 11 different US cities – Since their ideals so closely align with our own, I decided to incorporate our yearly Atlanta 4/20 event under their banner and do what I can to help other cities get involved and organizing their own events! In fact, I even wrote a short guide on how to organize a safe and effective protest event for them – check out the pdf here. If you’d like to get involved in the Atlanta 4/20 event, Project420, or C:LEAR please email me for more information or visit the C:LEAR website:


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